Tuesday, November 28, 2017

God's Heavenly Quilt...

God's love reminds me of a Heavenly quilt
That warms and comforts those He loves,
Those who call upon His Name
And Praise Him for the gift of salvation-
People of every race and every nation.

God's love reminds of the softest feather bed
That I can fall back upon in times of stress
Letting myself sink in and be enveloped
For His comforting is the very best.
God's love reminds me of the softest pillow
That I can sink my weary head into at night
Or where I can weep my heartfelt tears
When things aren't going right.
God's love is there for everyone
It knows no boundaries and caters not to fame
God's love is for all who come to Him, abide in Him
And call on His Holy Name.
Thena Cullen Smith
In Your Hands

It's in Your hands, Lord
We who love you,
Give it all to you
Asking that You heal our land
Purify our hearts and souls
As only You can do.
Daily we pray asking
That Thy will alone be done
And yet we try to take control
Before the battle has been won.
We cannot see the entire plan
And our wisdom is not complete
Therefore we ask again
Thy will be done
And place our prayers for the USA
And our worries at Your feet.
Thena Cullen Smith

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Power of Words Not Spoken
How many hearts have been totally broken
Due to the power of words that were never spoken?
How many babies, kids and young folk
Needed to hear words that we never spoke?
How many elderly women and men
Needed to hear "I love you" again?
Have many infants as they learned to coo
Needed to learn how to say "I love you?"
Words are a powerful force in our life
They bring joy to child, husband or wife.
They comfort our neighbors and bring a smile
When we stop to visit and chat for awhile.
Be kind with your words and honest and true
And say loving things to those dear to you.
But always remember that hearts can be broken
By not saying those things that need to be spoken...
By Thena Smith

Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Silly Side

I have to admit
Though most people know
There are two sides of me that I show.
One is serious as serious can be
The other is the silly side of me!

I write silly bits of riddle and rhyme
And I may sing a bit off key
But all the while my friends just smile
At this silly side of me.
I never want to cause anyone pain
And my silliness has no hostile intent
I just feel that bringing a smile
Is among my time that's well spent!
So here I am admitting to you
That I am a bit of an extrovert
But never, ever is my intent
By my written verse to cause hurt!
Thena Cullen Smith

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Someone Cares

 Someone out there is hurting
And they need a loving touch
They need to know that someone cares
And loves them very much.
Someone out there feels all alone
Not just a bit sad and blue
But someone feels so very depressed
That they don't know what to do.
Someone out there needs a kind word
Or a loving touch upon their brow
And many of us would love to help
But we feel we don't know how.
Someone out there is praying
For a word from God above
That will confirm that He is real
And assure them of His love.
Someone out there needs a friend
And needs a bit of sweet relief
From all the trials they're going through
And needs the comfort of belief.
Someone could be the hand God uses
Or the human that He will send
To help heal the hurting, aching heart
And be the Heaven chosen friend.
Don't say "I'm just one person
There's nothing I can do."
But be a willing vessel
If God chooses to send you.


When I hit life's dark tunnels
And I cannot see
The Father says
"Just trust in me."
I will not give in
To a spirit of fear
For I know that Jesus
Is forever near.
No matter what
The world may do
Dear Lord of all
I will trust in You!
Thena Cullen Smith

Sunday, October 08, 2017

 I wanted to praise You, Lord

I wanted to praise you, Lord
Using the gifts you gave me
But I grew impatient with my gift
That it was not as perfect
As a gift to you should be
Forgetting briefly that you knew
At what stage my gift would be
Because it was the one You chose for me.
Help me to work to improve
On the mechanics and technicalities
But let me never give up in discouragement
At any mistakes that in my style I see.
Remind me Lord when I see the gifts that others share
That they are where they are
Because you have led them with loving care
And it is not my place to feel
That mine is not worthy to take to your throne
And place it as my offering there.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Johnny Told a Lie Today

Johnny told a lie today
And he knew I knew he did.
He may be able to fool some folks
But he can’t fool this kid!

He told the teacher, Mrs. B, that he did his work,
But dropped it on the floor,
When along came his St Bernard
And ran with it out the door!
Johnny told a lie today
(He's not an honest lad).
He said he lost the note
That the teacher wrote
For him to give to Dad.
Johnny told a whopper today
And doesn’t think our parents know
He thinks honesty is for little kids
And lies are the way to go.
Our little Chihuahua would be embarrassed
That teacher thinks he is a St Bernard
Big enough to destroy Johnny’s books
And run with his homework through the yard.
We have new neighbors moving in;
Mom invited them over for tea
Imagine my dear brother’s surprise
As he opened the door to Mrs. B.!
(From "Not the World's Best Poems, But Not Quite the Worst")

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pray When You Kneel
It saddens me to see the way
Our sports heroes act today
They use the support of the game they play
To cause chaos in a special way.
They say they want to take a knee
To show the sins of you and me
But unless as they kneel they pray
I can’t see that this helps
In any way.
It’s just become another fad
Something that makes most people sad.
It doesn’t even any score
And just separates us even more.
Christians "take a knee" every day
When they kneel by their beds to pray.
No cameras or lights are on
There is no music and no song
Just a prayer to our Father above
To let us show the world His love.
There is no prerequisite for color
No certain salary one needs to receive
Just that when you kneel and speak to God
In His Son, Jesus, you believe.
When I "take a knee" I praise the Father
For all He's done for me
And I think Him that because of His Son
We can live eternally.
So tonight before you close your eyes
Don't fret about the things you can't undo
But concentrate on God's Holy Word
And the tasks assigned to you.

Thena Cullen Smith

Prayer for Those Who are Ill

Father I lift up my dear friend
Asking that an angel you would send
To cheer them while they are feeling blue
For their hope and faith is always in You.

They have been so ill yet have stayed true
To the love and confidence they hold in You
And always ask those who come their way
To take the time for them to pray.
They look to you and trust you to heal.
Their faith is strong and their love is real.
They honor You in all they do
And share each day their love for you.
They do not question your wisdom
And they say Your timing is never late
They praise You with their lives and lips
And each of Your gifts they appreciate.
I ask that you You would answer their prayer;
I pray that You would meet them there,
Reach out with Your healing touch
And bless this one who loves You so much.
In Jesus Name

So Many Prayers

So many prayers in my heart today
So many things I want to say
So many friends who are so weary
That I would love to encourage
And tell them not to worry
But to keep looking up toward Heaven
And pray for every concern and need
For we know not how many others
God will nudge to intercede.
Sometimes we think God does not answer
Or does not hear our plea
But His answer is always on time and perfect
For He knows what is yet to be.
Sometimes we get a yes
But other times the answer is no
For God above, our God of Love
Knows what we do not know.
We can count on His Love for us
For His Word tells us so.
Thena Cullen Smith