Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bless’em Lord

Sometimes I look around me
And feel overwhelmed by the pain I see
I am startled by the hunger in our land-
The stress and poverty.
I see in shock the anger, the crime
And the hate that some people display
And yet there are such loving folks
Scattered still along life's way.
Folks who do good in spite
Of all the wars, lies and evil
Honest and God-fearing people-
Folks who to please the Father
Daily try so hard
And sometimes my only prayer
Is "Oh, Please bless'em Lord!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When Youth is Gone

I have some questions from my younger friends
That I hesitate to mention
But hiding the true facts of old age
Was surely not my intention!

When silver first appears in your hair
You might think it is quite stunning
A little highlighting near your brow
Is considered quite becoming!

The slower pace that you now use
Still gets you where you’re going
Although it is much more difficult
To walk outdoors when it is snowing.

Your eyesight once so sharp and fine
That you could read billboards across the state
Today demand things classified in “focals”
And big print you now appreciate!

Your frame once so thin and svelte
Admired by those who  knew you
Now seems to have become a bit rotund
And is a slight embarrassment to you.

Gravity has its own punishment for us
As we advance in years and maturity
That you might wrinkle here and there
I can advise with surety.

But even with the trials of age
The wrinkles and the graying
That wonderful memories of a life well loved
Is the main thing that I’m saying!
Thena Cullen Smith

I Will Praise You

I will praise you, Lord
Though rivers rise
And oceans roar
Daily I will love you more.
I will praise you Lord
And You alone
Seeking you daily
As I kneel before your throne
Sending my prayers
My praise and my love
To my Creator, my Savior
Who dwells above.
I will praise you Lord!
Oh Lord I know You work each day
In ways we may not see
I praise you Lord for all You've done

For the likes of me!
I thank you for the things I see
And for those yet to be!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

In Defense of ...

I have some friends,
And I say this in their defense,
That have never gotten those horrid splinters
From sitting on a fence.
Therefore they have never learned
That fence sitters can also get burned
From those on either side of the gate
Those who defend and those who debate.
By the time they try to retreat
It is often too late
And neither side
 their words
       can appreciate

Sitting on the Fence

When I lived on the farm
We had a cool wooden fence
Which over the years became
Weathered and splintered.
I found out the hard way
That one gets themselves
Gently off a splintered fence.
Perhaps that is why in things
Such as my faith
And my politics
I don’t even try to sit
On a splintered fence…

Every Beating Heart

Remember that everyone with a beating heart
Has hurts and fears and pain
Some may speak of it with others
While some may refrain
And you will never hear them complain.
Some have pains so intense that they cannot bear
To mention the intensity except to God in prayer.
So when you feel God's nudge to pray
Do not ignore the Master's touch
For your prayer for those you may not ever know
Can mean so very much.
Ask God to speak to you in the midnight hours
When all is quiet and still
To stir your spirit and your heart
And give you strength, wisdom
And courage to do His will.

Why I Weep

My eyes were filled with tears one day
And I knew not why I was crying.
But when the news came on that night
I saw so many people dying...
I found myself feeling sad one night
And nothing was going wrong
And then I heard some rap on TV
What now passed as song.
What happened to the words of love
That once came from teens who sang
Why did they now proudly proclaim
Their hate for other human beings?
I found myself in pain one day
When I had no illness to explain
But knew it was to remind me
To pray for those around the world in pain.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When you are hurting and in distress
And think no one cares
You have no idea how many saints on earth
God has lifting you up in their prayers.
As Long as I'm in God's Hands

As long as I'm in God's hands
I will not worry and fret
For He formed me in the womb
And has not failed me yet.

As long as I'm in God's hands
No enemy can win over me
For God holds me close to Him
And will bring me victory.

The world around me may crumble
Governments rise and fall
But no matter what man may say
God is the ruler over all!

Daily I will pray to Him
For the strength I need to stand
And daily will I praise Him
That He keeps me in His Hand.
A Blessing for Pet Lovers

God bless folks who love
And treasure as they deserve
Those precious pets one never forgets
...And comfort them when the time comes
That the sweet one will be taken home
Not to wake up to another earthly sun.
God bless the child that loves a pet
And knows that it is true
That a little dog's heart is full of love
Created especially for you.
God bless the folks that lose a pet
No matter what the cause may be
But God bless the folks who love them enough
That from pain they set them free.
God Bless the folks and wipe their tears
And let them understand
That their sweet pet is Heaven's sweet guest
And plays now in an awesome land.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

I prayed for you today
Maybe not by name
But I asked God to bless each friend
And let it be just the same
As if I mentioned every single one of you
When I asked that God would touch and heal
To fill your hearts with His love
And His best plans for you reveal.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's to the People

Here's to people who are kind
Friends of yours
And friends of mine
Here's to people who really care
Friends with whom you are free to share
Your innermost thoughts, hurts or fears
And who stay to wipe away your tears.
Here's to people who share your joy
And don't feel the need
To be fake or coy
Those folks who are the same each day
In how they act and what they say.
Here's to good friends and family too
Whose manner is kind and love is true!
There was something here
That I once said
But now you will see
This is here instead.
I double posted
And alas and alack
I don't remember
How to take it back!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Sweet Memories

We make diaries and scrapbooks
CDs, cassettes and tapes-
All sort of wonderful and lovely keepsakes.
Fire, floods and hurricanes
Sometimes rush in and destroy
Time and again
All of those treasures
We created for family and friends.
That's why each memory of loved ones
Is so special and rare
As is each moment of life that we share.
How blessed are we to keep each special part
Of our most special memories
Stored safely in our heart.
We can replay each moment
Of life, love and laughter
And share with those we love
Memories of those still with us
And those who have gone before
To the reward God has prepared for us.
Each sweet voice we can remember
As we drift off to sleep
When we have these to comfort us
We have no need to count sheep.
Thena Cullen Smith