Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Have This Day

I have this day to smell the roses
And feel the wind against my face
To bask in God's warm sunlight
And to feel my family's sweet embrace.
I have this day to view the ocean
And stand upon the shore
To ponder all the mysteries
That eternity has in store.
I do not take it lightly
And always when I pray
I thank the Lord in Heaven
That I have this day!
And when the day is over
And the sun indeed has set
I thank Him for the morning
That I have not seen as yet.
And if I should rise upon the morrow
And have yet another day
Then it is just another blessing
That the Good Lord sent my way.
Thena Smith

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Keep Looking Up

Lord help me to keep looking up
No matter what the world may say
For you alone are in charge of me
And of my life each day.
I know the ease of looking up
When Heavenly skies are blue
And the peace of trusting You
When the storm clouds roll
For still Your love is true.
Help me never to turn away
From the peace you offer me
Fit me for Your Kingdom Lord
For all eternity!

 Protect US

God protect us from ourselves
When we begin to stray
Keep us true to Thee oh Lord
Keep us in Thy way.
God protect us from the evil one
Who seeks to do us harm
Protect us from his cohorts
No matter what their form.
Let us not be taken in
By charismatic words or smiling face
But let us know your truth
And only it embrace.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I'm a fan of sunshine

I'm a fan of sunshine
I love roses too!
I love the way they glisten
In the morning dew.
I'm not afraid of raindrops
And can even enjoy a storm
But I love to be here with you
Where I feel safe and warm!
I love you in the sunshine
As we enjoy the view
Of the tiny jeweled roses
In our garden outside the door.
And when you protect me from life's storms
I love you even more.
I will love you forever
Forever and a day
For with you, my sweetheart
The sunshine never goes away.
Today I saw in a friends eyes
That she thought she might be saying "Goodbye"
For she held on and hugged me again and again
As she whispered "I love you sweet friend."
I've prayed for her throughout the day
And I know God hears me when I pray
But I also know that she is ready to go home
And if she does
God will be with her, she won't make the trip alone...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sometimes the Answer is No

Sometimes the Answer is Not Yet
Don’t ever think God doesn’t answer prayer
For God always hears us and He is always there.
We tend to love it when He answers yes
But when the answer is no
We tend to second guess
Did God hear us?
Did He really care?
Do we know for sure
That He answers our prayers?
I know that God always hears us
And answers our each request
But we tend not to see His answer
Unless He answers yes.
Sometimes the answer is No
Or the answer may be Not yet
But He calls us to Him daily
And our prayers He won’t forget.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Someday We Will Be Whole

Someday We Will Be Whole
For those who have no sight on earth
Who had not this gift of sight at birth
Just think about how wonderful it will be
When Heaven is the first sight they see!
For those who on earth are colorblind
Just picture the Heavenly colors divine
And think how wonderfully they will be blest
When on those colors their eyes will rest...
For those who have no legs to walk
No arms to reach
No speech to talk
Just think about the wonder of
Running and talking in Heaven above!
I do not count these gifts as trite
The gifts of arms or gifts of sight
But I value more than words can tell
Knowing that in Heaven I someday will dwell.
And when I approach the Heavenly gate
And look around at those who for me wait
I will not see one missing limb
We'll all be perfect when we see Him!
-Thena Cullen Smith

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Forgot My Password

I forgot my password
Yep, I did it again!
I thought I would remember
And my memory I can't defend.
I tried to make it simple
But the popup said no way
You have to have more letters
And some numbers along the way.
So I kept on trying
Until they could appreciate
My super duper password
And all day it worked just great.
But then to my sorrow
There came the morrow
When upon my trying to log in
It said it was incorrect
And for me to try again.
So, if for awhile you do not see me
Just know I love you still
And I will remember it eventually...
At least I hope I will...
Thena Cullen Smith

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bless’em Lord
I have so many friends
Who are in pain and sadness today
Remind me as I come to you, Lord
That for them I need to pray.
Some days although I try
I can't find the words I want to say
But I trust you Father
To bless them anyway!
You know their hurts and fears
You've seen their sadness and their tears
You've heard them as they ask "why"
Show them there others such as I
Who pray that their needs be met
And that your kids you never forget.
Thena Cullen Smith

Bless'em Lord

Bless’em Lord

I have so many friends
Who are hurting so much today
Remind me as I come to you, Lord
That for them I need to pray.
Some days altho I try
I can't find the words to say
But I trust you Father
To bless them anyway!
Does God Have a Sense of Humor

Some people think Christians
In order to be faithful and true
Must be very quiet
Solemn and dignified
In all they say and do.
They question if God
Has a sense of humor
And debate if it is true
For they know as our Creator
He has so awfully much to do.
But I stand before you
As an example for all to see
He must have a sense of humor
For He lovingly created me!

My Talent

I want to use every bit of talent that God gave me
Use it down to the core
So that when He looks at me
He will be pleased and give me more!
I want to praise God with all my strength
And lift up His Name each day
I want to be so full of His Holy Spirit
That the enemy runs away!
I want to be so full of His love
That when others look at me
It is not only my face they see
But that they see Jesus in me!
Thena Cullen Smith