Saturday, February 17, 2007

Big Sister verses

Big Sister

I’m a big sister
And I’m sure you will agree
That an awesome responsibility
Will belong to me.

Awesome is a word I heard
That means it’s an awful lot
And when it comes to this new task
Awesome is what I’ve got!


Look at Me, I’m a big Sister

Look at me
Am I different now
Today I’m a big sister
Yesterday I didn’t know how!

I didn’t know how to be
The sister to a baby brother
But today I think I do the job
Better than any other!


Being a Big Sister

Being a big sister
Seemed to be a scary thing to ask
Of some one who is only 3
But that is what is expected
And I guess that I will be!
I’m happy and excited to say
That a baby brother I will have
Although I don’t know the day!
Mommy says that I will be a good one
And not to worry or fret
For when it comes to “sistering”
I’ll be the best one yet!

A Little Brother

A little brother came to our house
My mommy brought him home
She says that he will stay with us
And be our very own.

She says that makes me a sister
A big sister to this little baby boy
And the way she described it
I think it is something I will enjoy.

I have learned so many things
Now that I am over three
And for all the stuff he will need to know
Little brother can depend on me!



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Sakhi said...

these are very good poems Thena...<3

Cindy Dy said...

I love surfing and blogging. Thanks for your blogs, I have now another idea what to do on my own blogs. Keep it up. I'll come back later to read more post from you. Thank you.